“We have been using Direct Onsite Care for almost 2 years.  Dr. Cosens and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and have become an integral part of our Names and Numbers family.  It has offered a convenient, quality and personal healthcare experience that has led to a healthier, happier and more productive staff.  We are looking forward to a long, beneficial partnership with Direct Onsite Care for many years to come.”

Tammy Shepherd

Director of Human Resources/Benefits

Names and Numbers


“Pitt Plastics has had an On-Site Care clinic at our location since 2006.  This on-site clinic offers direct care to all our employees and dependents covered on our insurance plan. Our employees save time and money by being able to access this clinic right at the work-site.  It also provides Pitt Plastics money savings; the employees are back to work quickly with the medical care that they need and it saves on insurance costs.

The providers are great to work with and our employees trust the staff with their medical care.  The employees receive managed care for health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure care they may not have gotten if they had to take time away from work to get. The clinic also provides annual health assessments that gives the employees important information about their health.

The on-site clinic is one of the best benefits we have been able to offer our employees.”

 Michele Beckmann

Director of Human Resources

Inteplast / Pitt Plastics


“The relationship that we, at Mid America Pipe, have developed with Direct On Site Care over the past few years has many benefits.  It encourages good health practices for our employees and their families.  Employees are able to access medical care without missing work thus eliminating the loss of production.  Our employees are able to be proactive about their health by participating in our semi-annual wellness fair.   We are also able to get quality care for work comp injuries and follow up.”

Regina Peak

Accounting Supervisor

Mid America Pipe


“Direct On Site Care has become an invaluable partner with Pitsco Education. Our employees appreciate the care and compassion that the staff from Direct on Site care provides.  The ease of scheduling appointments and their willingness to go the extra mile has put Direct On Site Care in a class of their own.  We appreciate their attention to detail and exceptional care they provide to our employees at Pitsco Education.”

Eric Hopkins

Director of Human Resources

Pitsco Education