On-Site & Neighborhood Clinic Options
Our clinic options make medical care more convenient and cost effective for employees and management. Our facilities can offer a full array of services and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. This can include a variety of pre employment and occupational services as well as reduced cost lab work. Ask us how we are able to provide this service for discounted pricing.

24 Hour Medical Coverage
Through our optional 24-hour medical coverage solution, we can provide physician care 24 hours a day for many common medical issues when our clinic is not open. This convenient enhancement can also help reduce absenteeism and also encourage medical care to begin sooner, which can have a positive effect on employee and/or dependant health. Contact us to request more information on this low cost, high benefit option.

Wellness Programs That Bring Value
Our comprehensive, and proactive wellness program begins wth a detailed baseline screening, and continues with ongoing individual coaching, a variety of incentivised activities and programs to encourage and sustain healthy behaviors, including weight loss and smoking cessation programs. Ask us how we leverage this program’s benefits with our onsite clinic options.

On-site Pharmaceuticals
As another leveraged program to our on-site or neighborhood clinic options, we can provide a line of commonly prescribed pharmacueticals on-site, for most common maladies. These medications are provided at a reduced cost compared to typical pharmacy retail pricing, further driving down cost.

Occupational Medicine
Full service occupational medical services are available including DOT drug and alcohol testing, basic and enhanced pre-employment physicals, executive physicals, functional capacity exams, return to work testing, and workplace injury treatment and rehabilitation.